Is Pepper Spray Legal in NJ?

Pepper spray as a defense tool is quite controversial. There are laws that dictate the purchase and use of pepper spray in every state. Is pepper spray legal in NJ?

Pepper spray is a tool used to incapacitate assailants and aggressive animals. It’s a chemical substance that you emit in form of a spray in a bid to stop your attacker in their tracks. The effect from the components of pepper spray cause severe irritation to an assailant’s face, nose, eyes, and mouth. The effects vary depending on the type of pepper spray you have used as well as the intensity of its use.

 is pepper spray legal in NJ

New Jersey, like other states has several laws that you must follow when purchasing and using pepper spray. Generally, pepper spray in NJ falls under the weapons category. It’s legal to carry as long as you are 18 years or older and have a clean criminal record.

Pepper Spray Law NJ

When deciding to purchase pepper spray in New Jersey, its essential for you to find out is pepper spray legal NJ? Pepper spray is not illegal in New Jersey. Although this product is dangerous and classified a weapon, it’s not categorized the same as firearms. This means that there are no legal requirements that you have to satisfy before you can purchase and carry pepper spray.

However, you have to be 18 years or older and also have a clean criminal record. No one with a past record of criminal charges is allowed to buy and use this self-defense weapon. According to New Jersey law, a weapon is any device that releases gas or any other substance that causes harm, pain, or discomfort. This law, would necessarily make the use of pepper spray illegal. However, it exempts pepper spray products as long as the buyer and carrier of it is of age and has no criminal history.

Using Pepper Spray for Self-Defense in NJ

While it’s legal to purchase and carry pepper spray in New Jersey, there are laws that dictate how to use this weapon. It’s common for people to use self defense as an excuse to inflict unnecessary force against others. Self defense is justifiable only if the force you are using is proportional to the force being used against you. Using pepper spray in situations that do not require that level of self defense might land you in trouble.

 Using Pepper Spray for Self-Defense in NJ

A majority of people also ask, what pepper spray is legal in NJ? There are no restrictions on the purchase and use of pepper spray. Therefore, any pepper spray product is legal as long as it’s pocket-sized and not more than .75 oz. It’s also legal to ship pepper spray to NJ. You will have to prove that you are 18 years or older as well as have no criminal record.

Is Pepper Spray Legal in Wisconsin?

Pepper spray is legal in Wisconsin. It’s the only self-defense weapon that is legal to carry in Wisconsin. However, Wisconsin laws regulate the amount of pepper spray that you are allowed to carry. You can only carry 2 oz or less. The concentration of OC in pepper spray is also regulated and shouldn’t be more than 10 percent of the solution. To buy pepper spray in Wisconsin, you must be 18 years or older and have no criminal record. Your pepper should also be in its natural form and not disguised as anything else.

Are Pepper Spray Legal in NJ and Wisconsin?

The laws dictating the purchase, possession, and use of pepper spray vary from state to state. Pepper spray Wisconsin as well as in New Jersey is legal. For both of these states you have to be 18 years or older and have no history of criminal charges. It’s essential for you to find out the laws governing a state before you can purchase this self-defense product. Ensure you use pepper spray only when necessary.


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