Is Pepper Spray Allowed on Planes?

When packing for a trip and you plan to carry your pepper spray with you, you need to ask yourself is pepper spray allowed on planes? Travelling for a vacation or to explore a new city requires you to be prepared for any harm that you may come across at your destination. This is why pepper spray is an important tool to pack. It’s a self-defense weapon that you can use when attacked by an assailant or an aggressive dog.

Is Pepper Spray Allowed on Planes?

The laws surrounding purchase, possession, use, and shipping of pepper spray differ from state to state. For this reason, you need to check is pepper spray allowed on flights. This applies to both the state you’re leaving as well as where you intend to land. Generally, pepper spray cannot be carried in a carry-on bag or as a personal item. However, pepper spray in checked luggage is allowed by most airlines. This depends on the size of your can and the airline that you are using.

Can Pepper Spray Go Through TSA?

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states. However, there are several laws and regulations that define each state’s restrictions. Whether travelling internationally or locally, you need to be aware of these restrictions. One thing you must find out is, is pepper spray TSA approved? TSA, Transportation Security Travel is an organization in the US that regulates the activities of companies that transport people and goods.

Agents under the TSA have to go through the contents of a traveler’s luggage before they can get on a plane with it. Pepper spray and TSA dictates that you can carry pepper spray in a checked bag but not in a carry-on bag. Can pepper spray go in checked luggage? Yes. However, the pepper spray can must have a safety mechanism that prevents any accidental spillage. Your pepper spray must also not contain more than 2% by mass of tear gas.

In case you’re travelling you must understand that it’s perfectly legal to carry pepper spray. The questions you should ask is, is pepper spray allowed on carry-on and is pepper spray TSA approved. This will help you prepare for your trip accordingly.

Can Pepper Go Through Airport Security?

Can pepper spray go through security? Whether you’re flying nationally or internationally, most people are surprised that carrying your pepper spray with you is actually pretty simple and legal. The laws behind, is pepper spray allowed in flight vary. However, if you know exactly what to do, the process goes smoothly.

The first step is deciding which pepper spray to carry on your flight. Most airlines only allow certain pepper sprays on their planes. This is cargo only and not as a carry-on item. Your pepper spray can should be less than four ounces. It must also have a built-in safety mechanism to ensure it doesn’t spill and contaminate the air in the plane.

The next step to follow after you’ve learned are pepper sprays allowed on planes is packing correctly. Although it’s legal to carry pepper spray on a plane, you cannot pack it as a carry-on since that is prohibited. Therefore, is pepper spray allowed on carry-on? No, it isn’t.  Leaving you pepper spray in your purse or backpack can lead to it discharging and contaminating the cabin. Ensure you pack it as checked luggage that goes in the cargo.

The question to does airport allow pepper spray is yes. As long you follow all the steps listed above, you are allowed to travel with your pepper spray.

Is Pepper Spray Allowed in Planes?

Travelling requires you to be proactive and ensure that you are safe at your new destination. Pepper spray is one of the self-defense tools you can carry with you. However, you must find out can pepper spray be taken on a plane?

You can bring pepper spray on plane as long as you follow all the rules set to regulate the carrying of this weapon. You cannot bring your pepper spray as a carry-on item. This is because there’s a risk of it spilling and contaminating the cabin. You can only pack it in your checked luggage in the cargo department. TSA agents have to check your pepper spray and ensure it fits all the criteria to be on a plane.

If you plan on travelling, ensure you know what you need to do so that you’re allowed to carry  your pepper spray.


Written by: Georgina Njoki
Freelance Copywriter and Travel Enthusiast.



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