Pepper Spray for Lizards

pepper spray for lizards

Pepper spray was originally designed for use against aggressive animals such as bears and dogs. Over the years, the weapon gained popularity for use against human attackers. However, the weapon has somehow creeped its way into lizard repellent. Although this might sound suspicious to some people, pepper spray is indeed used to repel lizards. This … Read more

Pepper Spray Defense

Pepper Spray Defense

There are a lot of technological advancements in the modern-day world. This would make it seem like the world is a safer space. However, this is not the case. There is a need for individuals to prioritize their own protection from any potential threat. This need has led to the innovation of several self-defense weapons. … Read more

Is Pepper Spray Legal in Nevada?

is pepper spray legal in nevada

In the modern world, personal safety has become a paramount issue. More people are opting to purchase and use self-defense tools to protect themselves in case of potential danger. One popular option for most people is pepper spray. This is a non-lethal self-defense tool that you can use to deter an attacker before they harm … Read more

Best Pepper Spray for Runners

best pepper spray for runners

In today’s world, keeping physically fit has become a priority for a large percentage of the population. While some may decide to hit the gym or follow a certain diet, a number of people opt for running. Running is a diverse but effective method of keeping fit. You can decide to do it alone, with … Read more

Pepper Spray for Rats

pepper spray for rats

A rat infestation is one of the most dreaded situations. Whether it’s in your house, office, or school, rats can be quite a menace. Eliminating rat infestations is mandatory to ensure you keep up with your environment’s hygiene. Pepper spray was originally designed for use against animals such as bears and aggressive dogs as well … Read more

Can Pepper Spray Make You Blind?

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states. However, being on the receiving end of pepper spray is never going to be recommended. This is because of the considerable evidence of its effects on the receiver. Pepper spray is a self-defense weapon used to deter an attacker. It’s also used to stop aggressive animals as … Read more

Will Pepper Spray Stop a Pitbull?

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Most people keep dogs since they make awesome pets. Not only are they wonderful companions, they are also watchdogs, running buddies, and hunting dogs. They are known to be extremely loyal to their owners and they serve as best friends. However, not all dogs are as friendly. Did you … Read more

Alternative for Pepper Spray

Around 1 in 4 women are sexually harassed before they are 18 in the UK. This calls for the need to find self-defense weapons that ensure safety. Pepper spray is one of the most common self-defense tools used worldwide. This tool causes temporary effects that last long enough to allow you to escape or seek … Read more

Does Pepper Spray Work on Mountain Lions?

Pepper spray is a non-lethal, self-defense weapon that was originally designed for use against aggressive animals. However, over the years, it has gained more popularity for its use against humans. You can use pepper spray to deter aggressive animals such as bears, dogs, and mountain lions. It works by causing irritation to an animal’s nose, … Read more