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Around 1 in 4 women are sexually harassed before they are 18 in the UK. This calls for the need to find self-defense weapons that ensure safety. Pepper spray is one of the most common self-defense tools used worldwide. This tool causes temporary effects that last long enough to allow you to escape or seek help. Some of these effects include paralysis, temporary blindness, and irritation. However, there are several controversies surrounding pepper spray.

For this reason, the product is illegal in some places such as the UK and Europe. In these cases, you must find another pepper spray substitute.  When searching for an alternative to pepper spray, you must ensure that it’s safe and legal in your state. In this article, we discuss what to use instead of pepper spray. We will also elaborate the best pepper spray alternative to use in the UK, NZ, Canada, and for minors.

What Is a Good Alternative for Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is a great way of protecting yourself. However, it has its downsides. It can be messy to use, using it wrongly can cause adverse effects on you as the user, and it’s also illegal in several states. Some people prefer to opt for other alternatives. There are a couple of alternatives that come to mind when finding an option that isn’t pepper spray. They include;

1. Personal Alarms

Personal alarms also referred to as rape alarms, work as a deterrent. They are a pepper spray safer alternative that is legal in all states. Personal alarms are loud and are used to attract the attention of others. These devices resemble whistles. However, these are more advanced. High-quality personal alarms have a bright flashing light and an ear-piercing siren.

The best way to use a personal alarm is immediately you notice someone following you or right before you get assaulted. This ensures that you prevent any dangerous escalation. You also give the assailant a chance to walk away before attacking you.

One advantage of using a personal alarm is its portability. Most personal alarms can be attached to keychains and belts. This makes them durable and easy to carry. The Ashley personal safety alarm is one of the most popular personal alarms in the market. It boasts of an incredibly loud sound that can last up to 60 minutes.

2. Stun Gun

Alternative for Pepper Spray

In the quest of finding the best pepper spray alternatives, the stun gun is high on the list. A stun gun is an electroshock device that delivers electric shock through the body of an attacker. Although this device disrupts muscle functions and immobilizes an attacker, it does not cause any significant injury. A stun gun is a great alternative to pepper spray since it’s able to immobilize even the strongest of attackers.

In most states, the use of stun guns does not require a permit. However, it’s important to find out the legality and laws surrounding the use of stun guns in your state.

3.  Safe Haus Self-Defense Spray

What is a good substitute for pepper spray? One of the most highly recommended alternatives for pepper spray is the Safe Haus self-defense spray. This dual-purpose self-defense spray can be used to disorient an attacker as well as mark them for future identification.

The product is colored, bright, and difficult to get rid of. By using it, you are able to stop your attacker, escape from danger, and mark them in a way the authorities can identify them. Due to its compact and portable design, you can carry it wherever you go without much difficulty. The Safe Haus self-defense spray provides an effective yet non-lethal solution for personal safety.

4.  Self-Defense Keychains

Are you wondering what is similar to pepper spray in terms of efficient personal safety? Self-defense keychains are some of the best pepper spray alternatives in that list. These devices come in various forms. They can be mini personal alarms or sharp-pointed tools. This variety gives you the liberty of choosing what best suits you and your safety needs.

Self-defense keychains are small and portable making them very easy to carry around. You can attach them to your bag or your keys ensuring that you have a self-defense tool attached to you at all times. These keychains are effective and show the power of convenience in personal safety.

5.  Self-Defense Training

Self-defense tools and things like pepper spray come in handy when it comes to additional levels of security. However, nothing beats the confidence and capability that comes with being able to physically defend yourself. In cases where you don’t have pepper spray or any of its alternatives, self-defense training is critical.

When in potentially dangerous situations, it’s important for you to be able to react and defend yourself. Self-defense classes equip you with the techniques and tactics that allow you to maneuver a dangerous altercation. It’s the best pepper spray alternative and the most comprehensive way of protecting yourself from assailants.

Alternative to Pepper Spray UK

Pepper spray is illegal in the UK. It’s considered a section 5 weapon by the UK government. The only people allowed to use pepper spray is the UK police and they can only use it against aggressive individuals. It’s therefore mandatory for civilians to find other pepper spray alternative UK.

You can use stun guns, self-defense spray, personal items such as hair sprays, self-defense keychains, as well as self-defense training.

Pepper Spray Alternative NZ

Pepper spray and other weapons such as stun devices can only be used in New Zealand if you have a permit. Most people who don’t want to go through this process opt to find an alternative. New Zealand discourages the use of violence when it comes to self-defense. Therefore, the most advisable pepper spray substitute is self-defense training. You can fight your way out of the situation and call the authorities for help.

Pepper Spray Alternative Canada

Pepper spray is illegal to use and carry around in Canada. In fact, you are not allowed to carry any form of self-defense tool in Canada. However, if you are carrying a device such as a keychain and you find yourself in a dangerous setting and you use it, then you are within the confines of the law.

Some of the alternatives to pepper spray Canada include security umbrellas, dog spray, personal alarms, diversion water bottle, and safety keychains. If you are looking for a Toronto pepper spray alternative, consider any of the above.

Pepper Spray Alternative for Minors

Personal safety is as important to teens and minors as it is to adults. Therefore, it’s important to consider purchasing self-defense tools for them and teaching them basic self-defense tactics. If you prefer not to use pepper spray or are not allowed to use it, you can opt for other options.

The most appropriate pepper spray alternatives for minors include tactical pens, slingshots, keychain alarms, and lipstick stun guns.


Pepper spray is a great way of ensuring you are safe in case of any dangerous altercation or attack. However, it’s not the only form of self-defense. There are several pepper spray alternatives you can choose from when picking a self-defense tool.

Whether it’s because of legality issues such as in the UK, or you simply choose not to, you can always get a different tool. There are a variety of tools in the market. Ensure you also have self-defense training before deciding on anything. Self-defense is equally important to minors. Therefore, it’s critical to get alternatives for pepper spray for your minor.


Written by: Georgina Njoki
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