Pepper Spray for Lizards

Pepper spray was originally designed for use against aggressive animals such as bears and dogs. Over the years, the weapon gained popularity for use against human attackers. However, the weapon has somehow creeped its way into lizard repellent. Although this might sound suspicious to some people, pepper spray is indeed used to repel lizards.

This method is a perfect alternative when looking for a pest control method that is temporary and does not harm the reptile permanently. The irritating effect of pepper spray works to scare off lizards rather than harm them. That way you can rest assured that they are not dead but will also not be a recurring menace for you. This article delves into pepper spray for lizards, its effectiveness as well as environmental impact.

Understanding Pepper Spray for Lizards

Pepper spray designed specifically for lizards is also referred to as lizard repellent spray or reptile pepper spray. The main component used in formulating this substance is Capsaicin. Capsaicin is derived from chili peppers and is responsible for the pungent smell and taste of pepper spray. This pungency leads to irritation of the skin and mucous membrane of a lizard.

When controlling lizards, you must find a way to encourage them to leave and not nest in a certain area. Pepper spray is a deterrent. Therefore, its effects discourage a lizard from coming to the same place they experienced them. The aim of using pepper spray is to target their sensory organs since they are most sensitive. By doing this you are able to incapacitate the reptile and restrict further movement.

How Does Pepper Spray Work to Repel Lizards?

The dynamic behind how pepper spray works to get rid of lizards is pretty straightforward. Pepper spray irritates the senses of a lizard. Hence, when sprayed in a targeted area, the pungent smell and taste of the Capsaicin irritates them enough to escape. Lizards cannot tolerate strong smells such as that of pepper spray.

A lizard typically relies on its hearing and smelling senses to move around and also scavenge for food. Therefore, once you expose an area with pepper spray and they sense it, they will stay away from the area. Strong, uncomfortable scents are an indication of danger to them.

Pepper Spray: A Solution to Repel Lizards

Pepper spray offers a credible solution if you are dealing with persistent lizard infestations. Whether it’s in your home, garden, or at your workplace, it’s advisable to use pepper spray as a way to repel lizards. For effectiveness you should use the pepper spray on entryways such as windowsills and doorways. The aim of using pepper spray is to create an invisible barrier that will prevent lizards from coming in. This applies specifically to indoor spaces.

Lizard invasions also apply to gardens and lawns. Lizards can be quite a menace and can ruin your vegetation. To prevent this, you can also opt to use pepper spray on your plants and trees. For this method, it’s advisable to use the spray on a section of the garden to ensure that it’s safe to use. Some pepper spray formulations may be too strong and may lead to corrosion of the leaves hence more damage. Leave the pepper spray on that section for a couple of days to ensure there are no corrosive effects.

Effectiveness of Pepper Spray to Repel Lizards

Pepper spray is generally considered an effective form of repelling lizards. However, this effectiveness depends on a few factors. They include the concentration of Capsaicin in the formulation, the frequency of use, as well as the magnitude of the infestation.

The higher the concentration of Capsaicin, the higher the chances of it being effective. When purchasing pepper spray for lizards you must be mindful of the Capsaicin concentration in each can. This will help you gauge the effectiveness of the specific brand.

As is with other products, you must reapply pepper spray for lizards. This is especially after heavy rains since the substance tends to wear off. The more the lizards the more the amount of pepper spray you should use. Using less pepper spray on a lot of lizards will not have the effect you expect.

Environmental Impact and Legal Considerations

Although the use of pepper spray on lizards is legal in several states, there are certain controversies surrounding it. A fraction of individuals argue that by using pepper spray on a lizard, you affect its normal behavioral pattern. This will in turn cause harm to the animal. It’s also important to note that the effects are less severe than that of other chemical methods.

There is also the controversial impact that pepper spray has on non-target areas such as the soil and water sources. When using pepper spray in outdoor spaces, it’s not uncommon for a person to accidentally spray non-target species. This raises a potential environmental impact.

Alternatives to Pepper Spray for Lizards

Pepper spray is a popular option for lizard infestations. However, it’s important to note that you should only use pepper spray as the last resolution. To avoid any significant harm on the lizards it’s advisable to opt for more natural options first. Some of them include;

  •       Natural Barriers: Using materials such as mesh to fence enclosed areas works as a form of preventing lizards from penetrating these areas.
  •       Natural Predators: Before using pepper spray, you can decide to introduce natural predators of lizards. Once lizards notice that these predators are around a target area frequently, they will naturally avoid it.
  •       Habitat Modification: One other alternative of using pepper spray is modifying your habitat. This includes removing any moisture harboring space as well as hidden spaces. This will ensure that lizards have no place to hide.
  •       Ultrasonic Repellents: These refer to ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sound waves. Lizards find high-frequency sound waves very uncomfortable. Therefore, introducing ultrasonic repellers for lizards works to chase them away.


Pepper spray is mainly known as a self-defense weapon against aggressive animals and human attackers. However, did you know it’s also an effective method of repelling lizards? Its use against these reptiles is contentious as a majority of people are not aware that you can use it.

The Capsaicin component found in pepper spray irritates the skin and the mucous membrane of a lizard. Lizards use these sensory organs to move around and find food. Therefore, once you irritate them, you incapacitate the reptile. There are several legal and environmental implications that surround the use of pepper spray on lizards. Most experts advise the use of other natural methods of getting rid of pepper spray before opting for pepper spray.


Written by: Georgina Njoki
Freelance Copywriter and Travel Enthusiast.


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