Pepper Spray and Holster

The essence of buying and purchasing pepper spray and holster is so that you can have it with you anytime you are outside. This is because when outside is when you are at risk of an attack either by humans or an animal. How can you carry around your pepper spray without the risk of forgetting it or not being able to access it when you need it?

A pepper spray and holster is a critical accessory you need to ensure that you can access your pepper spray can and use it with ease and in the shortest time possible. Having a holster for pepper spray also makes a difference in how successful you are when defending yourself against your attacker.

Pepper Spray and Holster

Holsters come in different types and styles. Read on to learn more about these varieties.

Pepper Spray with Belt Holster

What’s a better way of ensuring you have your pepper spray can at all times than by it being attached to your belt? This method is especially popular among police officers since they carry their belts around all the time.

A belt holster allows you to access your pepper spray easily and its flip-top safety mechanism ensures that there is no accidental discharge. One of the most popular OC pepper spray and holster is the Sabre pepper spray.

Pepper Spray with Belt Clip

Some people opt to pick a belt clip over a holster. These two work the same, the difference is in how they attach to the belt. A belt clip, like any other clip has a section where you need to flip in order to get your pepper spray canister out. It’s also easy to access and ensures you carry your can wherever you go.

Best Pepper Spray Gun

There are a variety of ways you can deliver pepper spray. Those designed for police officers are quite massive in size. However, the traditional ones are pocket-size cans that have a single button you press to discharge the components. The third option is the pepper spray rifle or gun.

A pepper spray gun is often standard-size and you can carry it without any detection. The components of a pepper spray gun are the same as the ones in a traditional spray. The difference is in the range and force that a pepper spray gun applies. The top pepper spray guns typically offer double the range offered by common pepper sprays. They also contain larger amounts of liquid making them suitable to use against multiple attackers.

Best Pepper Spray Gun for Home Defense

The three top pepper spray guns you will find when you research pepper spray gun reviews are the Mace Pepper Spray Gun, JPX Pepper Spray Gun, and the Kimber Pepper Blaster. These guns work as effectively as traditional guns. However, the Kimber Pepper Blaster and JPX are capable of spraying two shots in succession as opposed to traditional pepper sprays. The Mace Pepper Spray Gun can fire a liquid stream continuously till the gun is empty. The title for most powerful pepper spray gun lies between the Kimber Pepper and Mace.

Pepper Spray Gun Reviews

There are several pepper spray pistol reviews on the internet. It mainly depends on the purpose you intend your gun to fulfill. If you are looking for the best pepper spray and holster for self-defense or the best pepper spray home defense, you need to look up reviews of people that have used certain brands. Here’s a review of three brands you might find when looking for the best pepper spray gun on the market.

Kimber Plaster Pepper Spray Gun

This pepper spray gun shoots two gel blobs simultaneously at more than 110 miles per hour. Its range power goes beyond 13 feet making it one of the best pepper spray guns for sale. It’s most suitable for people living in windy areas. The cons of using this pepper spray gun are that it only has two shots and it’s nonrefillable.

Ruger Pepper Gun

The Ruger Pepper Gun is a wide and foggy spray that creates a huge area of effect. This means that you don’t need to be very accurate to target your assailant. It’s also very light making it convenient to carry. This gun is not best to use in windy areas due to the risk of contamination. This risk is caused by the foggy spray which can easily get on the shooter and any bystanders.

Mace Pepper Gun

This gun is considered the best pepper spray weapon. A large can of this pepper spray can shoot up to 20 feet. It also comes with a light that you can alternate between two modes depending on your liking. It has lots of spray and you can refill it once it’s empty. One of its cons is that it might be too large to fit in your pocket and you may have to carry it in a holster.

Although pepper spray guns continue to be renovated, Mace is still considered the best pepper spray gun in 2023.

Pepper Spray Guns for Sale

When shopping for the best pepper spray and holster handgun, you need to ensure that you research on the different makes of spray guns available. Pick one that fits all your requirements and needs. As is with traditional pepper sprays, it’s also critical that you purchase your spray gun from a licensed firearms distributor or pharmacist. This will ensure that you get a legitimate, variety of pepper spray guns through a legal process.

Pepper Spray a Weapon

One of the questions most people ask is, is pepper spray a weapon or is pepper spray non-lethal? Pepper spray is used as a non-lethal weapon you can use to protect yourself, your loved one, or your pet. Its effects allow you to escape from danger without permanently harming the assailant or the animal attacking you. Effects such as temporary blindness allow police officers to restrain subjects.

In case you’re wondering is pepper spray deadly weapon then your answer is no. Its effects are only temporary and you cannot hurt an attacker or animal permanently.

Pepper Spray and Holster

Pepper spray is one of the most-convenient self-defense weapons for you to invest in. It’s non-lethal hence gives you a chance to escape without hurting your assailant or the animal attacking you. The essence of having pepper spray is so you can carry it around anywhere you go. In this case a pepper spray holster comes in handy. This is an accessory used to hold pepper spray cans. It’s mostly attached to your belt for easy access and for you to be able to carry it anywhere.

Get yourself a can of pepper spray and a holster to go with it today!


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