Will Pepper Spray Freeze?

Over the years, pepper spray, also known as OC spray, has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. This self-defense tool is designed to incapacitate an assailant for a short time. This gives you a chance to escape and find a safe place to hide or seek help from. Pepper spray is an effective tool you can use in potentially dangerous situations.

Pepper spray, like any other product, is subject to the effects of environmental conditions. One concern that most people have when purchasing and using this tool is, will pepper spray freeze? Another common concern is whether pepper spray will explode. This is particularly in a hot car or when exposed to extreme temperatures. This article focuses on the science behind pepper spray. What is the impact of extreme temperatures and environmental conditions on pepper spray?

Does Pepper Spray Freeze?

When storing pepper spray in cold environments, most people question whether it will freeze under these conditions. First, you must understand the components of pepper spray. Pepper spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) which is an extract of chili peppers. It also contains a mixture of water and alcohol. Alcohol has a low freezing point whereas water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius and 32 Fahrenheit.

Most commercially available pepper sprays are specially designed to resist freezing. Manufacturers understand that it’s essential to keep the product effective for as long as possible. They must also ensure that their products can withstand various conditions. Therefore, most companies use a special blend of ingredients. These ingredients prevent pepper spray from freezing or solidifying when exposed to cold temperatures.

When purchasing pepper spray, you must ensure you check on the ingredients used. Every product has its specifications. They determine whether it’s suitable for diverse weather conditions. If that is what you need from your pepper spray then you must check the ingredients.

Will Pepper Spray Explode in a Hot Car?

Individuals living in warm climates have their reservations when it comes to buying, using, and storing pepper spray. This is because of the possibility of pepper spray exploding in a hot car. During summer, it’s common for the interior of vehicles to get extremely hot. This poses a potential risk to the items left inside the car.

Typically, pepper spray cans are pressurized containers. Therefore, extreme heat can cause the internal pressure of these cans to increase. There are several factors that contribute to the likelihood of pepper spray exploding in a car. Some of these factors include the temperature inside the car as well as the specific formulation of that specific brand.

Most pepper sprays in the market right now are specially formulated to withstand extreme heat levels. However, it’s paramount to be pre-cautious and take effective measures to prevent your pepper spray from exploding.

Can Pepper Spray Explode in a Car?

Pepper spray exploding inside a car is uncommon. However, it’s not impossible. Pepper spray canisters have a propellant that tends to expand when around extremely hot temperatures. Once the propellant expands, it causes an increase in pressure. When the pressure becomes too much for the canister to handle, it may explode or rupture. Manufacturers in the modern day have however found a way to fit their pepper sprays with safety features. These features minimize the likelihood of explosion.

One of these safety features is a pressure relief valve. This feature releases excess pressure from a pepper spray. This prevents potential explosions. One preventive measure you must take when storing your pepper spray is ensuring that it’s not in the glove compartment or in any enclosed space. This increases the temperature surrounding your can. Also, avoid exposing your can to direct sunlight. When storing, opt for a cool place in your car.

Storing Pepper Spray in a Hot Car

How you store your pepper spray inside your car contributes a lot in its safety and effectiveness. The following are precautions that you must take:

Choose the Right Product

There are several pepper spray brands, each with its specifications and adaptations. When purchasing pepper spray, ensure that you pick one that is specially formulated to withstand adverse weather conditions. Check whether the pepper spray can has a label that indicates it’s designed to resist extreme temperatures.

 Avoid Direct Sunlight

Storing pepper spray in direct sunlight or in places whether the temperature rises increases the chances of it exploding. Ensure that when leaving your pepper spray inside the car, choose a cool location where the sunlight can’t reach. This will prevent any unnecessary exposure to heat.

Check Expiry Dates

Pepper spray, like any other product, has a limited shelf life. Therefore, checking its expiry dates is essential. An expired pepper spray can is not effective and is highly likely to explode in extreme temperatures.

Regularly Inspect Your Canister

By regularly checking the state of your pepper spray can, you are able to notice any leakage or damage. Any of these issues reduce the effectiveness of your can and may contribute to it exploding.

Pepper Spray Freeze Plus P

Pepper spray freeze plus P is a hand-held chemical agent that makes use of Oleoresin Capsicum and CS. This formulation creates the most intense, long-lasting, incapacitating agent. It’s potentially stronger than ordinary pepper spray. Freeze plus P utilizes the non-flammable solvent blend commonly used in the freeze system.


Questions such as will pepper spray freeze in the car or chances of explosion of pepper spray in a hot car are quite common. Pepper spray is an effective self-defense weapon. However, like any other product, its effectiveness can change depending on environmental conditions. Manufacturers today have developed ways to ensure that pepper sprays can withstand adverse weather conditions. It’s essential that you also exercise caution to ensure that your pepper can doesn’t freeze or explode in a hot car. 

You must be informed and take preventive measures when handling and storing pepper spray. This significantly reduces the likelihood of this tool freezing or exploding. Ensure you choose the right product and check its expiry dates before purchase. By doing this, you can rest assured your tool is reliable and effective at all times.


Written by: Georgina Njoki
Freelance Copywriter and Travel Enthusiast.





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