Where to Buy Pepper Spray in Florida

Are you interested in finding out where to buy pepper spray in Florida? We’ve got the scoop for you! This article takes you through every nook and cranny to help you procure this safety accessory legally and efficiently in the Sunshine State.

Introduction to Pepper Spray

Pepper spray, also known as oleoresin capsicum (OC), has a long history. While it was first formulated back in the 1970s for use by law enforcement, it has become a popular self-defense tool for the public in the last few decades.

Pepper Spray Effectiveness

Pepper spray is a powerful deterrent due to its ability to temporarily incapacitate an attacker, giving the victim a chance to escape. Its effects include a burning sensation in the eyes and skin, difficulty breathing, and temporary blindness.

Legalities of Pepper Spray Use in the U.S.

While pepper spray is legal in all 50 states for self-defense, there are varying restrictions depending on the state, such as age restrictions, container size limits, and prohibitions on certain types of spray.

Florida State Laws on Pepper Spray

Florida law (Florida Statute 790.01) allows citizens to carry a non-lethal self-defense weapon like pepper spray. However, the pepper spray canister size should not exceed 2 ounces, and it should not be used for any illegal activity.

When Can You Use Pepper Spray in Florida

In Florida, you can use pepper spray in a situation where you feel threatened, or your personal safety is at risk. But, remember, improper use can lead to legal repercussions.

Where to Buy Pepper Spray in Florida

In Florida, you have several options where you can buy pepper spray from both physical stores and online platforms. Here are some of the places:

Physical Stores

  1. Walmart: Walmart is a well-known retailer that usually has pepper spray in their sporting goods department. You can check availability on their website before heading to the store.
  2. Sporting Goods Stores: Stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports + Outdoors, or local sporting goods stores often carry a range of self-defense items including pepper spray.
  3. Gun Shops: These stores typically carry a variety of self-defense items, and pepper spray is usually among them.
  4. Pharmacies: Some larger pharmacies, such as Walgreens or CVS, may carry pepper spray.
  5. Army Navy Surplus Stores: These stores often carry a variety of self-defense items, including pepper spray.
  6. Outdoor Retailers: Stores like Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s that focus on outdoor equipment often carry self-defense items such as pepper spray.

Online Platforms

You can also purchase pepper spray in Florida from online platforms such as:

  1. Amazon: Amazon carries a wide variety of pepper spray brands and options. You can find everything from keychain pepper sprays to larger defense sprays.
  2. eBay: eBay can also be a good source for pepper spray. Just be sure to check the seller’s reputation and reviews before making a purchase.
  3. Self-Defense Websites: Websites that specialize in self-defense items, such as The Home Security Superstore or DefenseDevices.com, offer a wide selection of pepper spray products.

Remember, it’s important to understand the laws in your area regarding the purchase, possession, and use of pepper spray.

Different Types of Pepper Spray

Keychain Pepper Spray

Keychain pepper sprays are compact, easily accessible, and ideal for everyday carry. They usually come with a quick-release keychain ring for immediate access.

Gel Pepper Spray

Gel pepper spray is a popular variant that shoots a thick, sticky gel instead of a spray. The gel formula reduces the risk of blowback and can reach a longer distance.

Pepper Spray Gun

Pepper spray guns offer the most extended range, some reaching up to 150 feet. They usually come with multiple rounds, giving you more chances to hit your target.

Runner’s Pepper Spray

This type of pepper spray is designed with runners in mind. They come with hand straps for easy carrying and quick access.

Top Brands of Pepper Spray to Buy


Sabre is one of the most well-known pepper spray brands. They offer a variety of products, from compact keychain models to larger home defense models.


Mace is another famous brand known for its quality pepper sprays. They have a wide range of products catering to different needs.


POM is a newer brand that emphasizes compact design and ease of use. Their pepper sprays come in a variety of colors and clip-on models for convenience.

Choosing the Right Pepper Spray

Key Factors to Consider

When choosing a pepper spray, consider factors such as size, range, spray pattern, strength, safety features, and ease of use.

Price Range

The cost of pepper spray can vary from under $10 to over $50, depending on the brand, type, and features.

Safety Measures

Look for features that prevent accidental discharge, such as safety caps or locking mechanisms.

How to Use Pepper Spray

The Proper Way to Handle and Spray

The best way to use pepper spray is to aim for the attacker’s face, particularly the eyes and nose, and spray in short bursts rather than a continuous stream.

What to Do After Spraying

After spraying an attacker, it’s crucial to move away quickly and call the police as soon as possible.

Pepper Spray FAQs

  1. Is it legal to mail pepper spray in Florida? Yes, but only by authorized dealers and only to an adult over 18 years of age.
  2. Do I need a permit to carry pepper spray in Florida? No, Florida law does not require a permit to carry pepper spray.
  3. Can I carry pepper spray on a plane in Florida? According to the TSA, you can bring a 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) container of mace or pepper spray in checked baggage if it has a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. It is not allowed in carry-on baggage.
  4. How old do you have to be to buy pepper spray in Florida? You must be at least 18 years old to purchase pepper spray in Florida.
  5. Does pepper spray expire? Yes, pepper spray does expire, typically after 3-5 years. It’s essential to check the expiration date before use.
  6. How effective is pepper spray? Pepper spray is very effective for self-defense. It causes a severe burning sensation, temporary blindness, and difficulty breathing, incapacitating an attacker for up to 45 minutes.


When it comes to self-defense, having a can of pepper spray can provide peace of mind. Florida allows its citizens to carry and use pepper spray for self-defense, making it a must-have for residents. Whether you choose to buy from a local store or online, ensure you choose a product that suits your needs and always use it responsibly.

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